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Silkie Rinse Gentle Hydrating Ceramide Cleanser

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We formulated this best-selling cleanser to give you that fresh, clean skin feeling without the drying or disrupting your skin barrier. It gently and effectively removes makeup, SPF, pore build-up, and excess oil all while hydrating and nourishing. Simplify your routine and skip the makeup remover with this all-in-one cleanser. - Removes makeup and SPF - Doesn't strip or tighten skin - Leaves skin feeling soft, nourished, and hydrated Key Ingredients: Ceramides, Squalane, Rose Water, Raspberry Extract Silkie Rinse contains no added or synthetic fragrance, is vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free. Meet the cutest cleanser on the shelf. Designed to stand out when merchandised, it features an eye catching graphic carton with holographic lettering. Our unique approach to packaging makes us stand-out against other wellness products.

*Great as a gift because it is suitable for all skin types

Made in the USA


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