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Jurassic World Mash'ems

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The world of dinosaurs has gotten a bit smaller! The Jurassic Park Mash’ems collection turns these gigantic prehistoric creatures into small, squeezable toys! The assortment comes with trainer Owen Grady, as well as petite yet vicious versions of the tyrannosaurus rex. Mash, twist, stretch, and play away!

Leading the unboxing Youtube craze, Mash’ems are known as the highly collectible figures that are soft, squeezable, and have a squish you just can’t resist. These water-filled figures come in kid’s favorite characters, making them the perfect gift for all kinds of little collectors!

Collectable figures.

  • 6 assorted styles
  • Squishy and squeezable
  • Easy to clean with warm water

Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 2.5 in

Age Range: Age 4+

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