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Claris The Chicest Mouse in Paris: The Secret Crown

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Claris The Mouse: This is the story of a tiny mouse with big dreams and an even bigger heart!

The adventures of Claris follow this chic little mouse as she navigates the big, exciting world around her. She encounters setbacks and must draw on her friendships, courage, and quick wit to overcome any obstacles that may get in her way.

The story of Claris is about pursuing dreams, finding the people that you truly connect with and being brave enough to transform the world around you!

A delightful rhyming tale that will resonate with young and old. Created by Megan Hess and published by Hardie Grant Children’s Publishing.

In The Secret Crown, the card had no address – just one special clue: a small golden crown. Claris knew what to do! Claris and her best friend, Monsieur, are in London, looking for an exclusive club! But what will they discover once they start following the clues?

Written and illustrated by Megan Hess, the world-renowned fashion illustrator.

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