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Dabble & Dollop Bubble Party

Posted by Mary on 8 Aug 2023

We are so excited to start carrying the colorful brand, Dabble & Dopple, we had a party! When they reached out to us about a collaboration, we immediately said "Yes!" They sent my family some samples of their shampoo/body wash to try and we loved them for our bath time. Read more about the brand:

Dabble and Dollop creates natural, USA-made, bathing & personal care products that inspire Creativity, Connection and Joy! As a 25+ year veteran of the cosmetic ingredient space (and mother of three), I was frustrated seeing children’s bath brands using long lists of unnecessary ingredients in their formulas. I knew I could create safe, effective, and fun products but could use far fewer ingredients! After selling the ingredient business, I created Dabble & Dollop and our “Less is More” Philosophy. Dabble & Dollop is our toddler & children's personal care line (Ages 2 to 12). Our hair, bath & hand washes feature 10 or fewer ingredients and utilize our allergen-free, EU-compliant, SmartScent™ ingredient. SmartScent allows children, even with sensitive skin, to experience great smelling scents and encourages them to express their creativity in the bath. With scents designed to be mixed, kids can blend and match textures to create their own unique bathing concoctions. Dabble Ducky is our infant care line (Ages 0 to 100). It's designed for the unique needs of infant skin, eczema prone skin, sensitive/dry skin or for those who prefer an unscented bathing experience. Made with a proprietary beta-glucan, Beta-Baby™, our products are clinically proven to sooth and protect the infant skin barrier by boosting short and long term hydration while fighting redness and irritation. Dabble Ducky products are fragrance free, essential oil free, and also feature 10 ingredients or less. 

For the event, we went all out with their fun colors and scent characters. Our balloon team created a colorful, happy balloon wall for the backdrop. Bubbles and characters brought the Dabble & Dollop brand to life! We set up our Bubble House for party guests to enjoy - the base was white with bubbles to give the effect of soap suds and we used their colors inside. 

Activities included sensory soap bins, the Bubble House, and coloring. The sensory bins were a huge hit and the children loved all the fun scents of the products! I was amazed at how entertained kids of all ages were using little mixing bowls to play with soap. We set them up using an under the bed storage container filled with a little bit of water. We used Dabble & Dollop mini mixing bowls for the soap mixing. Easy and entertaining! 

September Moon Cupcakery did it again and made cupcakes resembling their orange and lemon characters. They were cute and delicious! Since their scents are fruit themed, we also ordered fruit to serve. Hint juice boxes were the perfect beverage and a crowd pleaser. 

Special thank you to Z Jeree Photography for capturing the colorful event for us! Link below for the gallery if you were in attendance. Thank you Dabble & Dollop for working with us on this fun event! We are working on a restock of their products because a lot were sold during the event. Definitely recommend their line if you need a little bath time fun, love cute colors, and prefer high quality products!

Dabble & Dollop Photo Album