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PREORDER a large outdoor banner! Perfect for businesses and organizations wanting something larger than a yard sign. 

We Got This! It's a crazy time, but we are coming together as communities and trying to spread cheer. We feel in love with the We Got This challenge on social media, and wanted to find a way to brighten up your neighborhoods in addition to all the beautiful chalk designs & handmade signs. 

The “We Got This” Challenge was created by local mother and philanthropist Alexis Phillips. She and her three children made a colorful sign to hang on their outside fence that said “We Got This.” She challenged friends to create their own “We Got This” artwork, and the challenge spread like wild fire through the Wichita community and beyond.

Thank you so much for spreading joy and supporting small!

Once banner arrives, we will deliver. 


6’ x 5’ full color front outdoor banner


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