Unicorn and Rainbows Edible Stickies

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Perfect for cakes, cupcakes and cookies. They also go great on pancakes, ice cream sandwiches and more...
Stickies™ are a 100% adorable, edible cupcake topper and cake decoration alternative to traditional plastic or toothpick and paper based cupcake decorations. Perfect for adult and kids happy birthday themed parties and adventures. Just peel, stick and eat!
Each pack contains 2 sheets/ 24 edible decorating stickers.


How To Decorate With Stickies™
  • Using clean, dry hands gently peel off a sticker
  • Apply directly to frosting, icing or any food surface with a touch of moisture. 
  • Add your favorite sprinkles.
  • See our how-to's for details and other ways to decorate!
Stickies™ can be applied up to a day ahead of serving and can be refrigerated or frozen. See our FAQs for storage, handling, ingredient and shelf-life information.

Stickies™ are edible images and are the easiest way to decorate. Use them as cupcake toppers, cake toppers, cookies decoration, baked donuts, and on other fun kids birthday party treats. They're also great on Saturday morning pancakes, too ;)
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